Our First Christmas 2017

Our First Christmas 2017

We plan on making this a new Sigmon Christmas Tradition! Christmas trees, wreaths, fresh garland, lights, music, cocoa, popcorn, cookies, candy and SANTA!!!!

Santa came to visit us several times between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  He even brought Mrs. Claus once.  Everyone got LOTS of pictures with him. Parents and Grandparents brought children with lists and got great pictures!

There were so many happy little excited, smiling kids! They were anxiously waiting for their turn while watching Santa's every move with the kids in front of them. The elves helped too, so everyone who wanted a family photo would get one. You wouldn't believe the number of Mom's, Dad's, Grandmas, Grandpas, and friends who sat with Santa this year.  We were wondering if they got everything on their lists.......

Everyone had a ton of fun.....See you next year. 

Happy New Year everyone!!

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